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 Incandescent, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and T12 fluorescent fixtures are technology of the past, in regards to indoor industrial/commercial lighting. Advancements in lighting and energy efficiency move a step forward every day. Lighting manufacturers have made enormous strides in delivering new types of lamps, fixtures, ballasts, and control systems that cut energy consumption while increasing light output.
But enhancing a lighting system’s efficiency — and effectiveness — requires far more than simply exchanging one type of lamp for a more efficient one. In fact, unless it’s done well, retrofitting or replacing a lighting system may cause more problems than it solves. “It can be a terrible mistake if not done properly,” says John Bachner, communications director of the National Lighting Bureau (NLB). In the U.S., $58 billion a year is spent on lighting, with most of that being spent by businesses. It is no wonder, then, that many businesses are looking for ways to cut costs through more efficient lighting solutions. But many, says John, wind up paying more, not less.

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Light Level before Retrofit
Light Level after Retrofit

Choosing Wisely When Retrofitting or Replacing Light Fixtures

So what is the first step in designing, retrofitting, or replacing a lighting system?
Find a good lighting designer. “Experienced designers can create concepts that are ideally suited to the tasks that are performed or are likely to be performed in the space. Their designs will also minimize the energy required to achieve the results that you want.

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Light Level before Retrofit
Light Level after Retrofit

Quality Products


The quality of lighting products can play a number of roles. If used properly, it can increase productivity, reduce errors, improve safety and security, and enhance visual appeal. And all of these can lead to increased profitability. In retail settings, lighting can be applied to boost sales. In parking lots, it can displace criminal activities, resulting in fewer security patrols being able to achieve better results. On the shop floor, better lighting can mean improved worker safety, more effective quality control, fewer rejects, and higher levels of customer satisfaction.


Lighting can have a large impact on the success of an organization. That is why it is so important for building owners and tenants to examine their own lighting systems. Adec, Inc can help, we design highly efficient lighting systems for every situation that will cut energy consumption in half, if not more but will not compromise on quality.  We typically show 40% – 65% reductions in kWh usage and in most cases increase light levels 15% – 20%.  Average return on investment (R.O.I.) for our lighting projects are
12 – 24 months.  Customers that operate long hours could see a R.O.I. of less than 12 months. 
In addition to using less energy and saving tons of money on your utility bill there are added bonuses. The utility Co. along with the United States governments has programs in which large amounts of rebates and tax credits may be available. This allows the project to cost next to nothing resulting in increased savings. Selected manufactures may also introduce a rebate program based on your overall energy savings.

• Improved lighting quality

• Reduced maintenance and labor costs

Lighting retrofits can improve lighting quality by targeting problem areas with specific design considerations to overcome common lighting issues. Newer technologies also add increased reliability to the lighting system, so fewer short-term lighting-quality issues should arise. These newer technologies often have better lighting-quality characteristics, such as improved color, reduced flicker,
greater light output, etc. 

Improvements in lighting technologies have led to increased lifetimes for components that will result in fewer failures and lengthen the time between maintenance activities.
The implementation of a routine maintenance program in addition to your lighting retrofit will greatly simplify your maintenance practices and reduce the operational costs associated with maintaining your lighting systems.

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