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Our Lighting Services: Adec, Inc has an unparalleled thirty eight year track record in turnkey energy efficient lighting retrofit and new installation projects. We can help you maximize energy savings and improve light quality with the least possible disruption to your operations. Projects can be installed with no initial capital outlay and can achieve an immediate positive cash flow. Adec,Inc handles every aspect of a successful lighting retrofit project. Our services include: presentations, building surveys, design engineering, savings analysis, rebate analysis and processing, energy savings, light level verification and turnkey installation with professional project management. Please click below to learn more.

WINDOW Tinting Services & Graphic Designs

Our Window Tinting Services: Adec,Inc is a leader in the Residential and Commercial Window Tinting business, serving the South Bay, Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire since 1982. Our corporate headquarter is located conveniently in Torrance California. Professionalism from sales to installations using the latest technological advanced film products made Adec,Inc one of the largest innovative Window Tinting Company in Southern California. Graphic Designs: Our experienced and highly skilled graphics team has the expertise and know-how to design, produce and implement your envisioned projects of the most challenging graphic designs.
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Our Inspection Services: Adec Inc is performing Title 24 inspection services for non-residential Facilities. We're CALCTP certified with Employer and Technician certification.
We provide project engineering, commissioning and technical expertise to General Contractors, Electrical Contractors and Building owners. Commercial buildings account for more than 40 percent of the electrical load in the state. Since interior and exterior lighting makes up 35 percent of the commercial load, small changes can make big impacts on electric use in commercial buildings. Advanced lighting controls mandated by California state policy promote smart energy use and progress toward state energy savings goals. Please click below to learn more .

Who We Are. What We Do

Adec, Inc is an Energy Conservation Company serving Southern California since 1982. Our Company specializes in reducing Energy Cost for our Clients. ADEC, Inc. covers a broad range of market segments: Residential  –  Commercial  –  Industrial  –  Institutional  –  Government. 
We provide products and services to End-users, Private Households, Building Owners & Managers, Manufacturers, Institutions, Government, Architects, Engineers and Designers. We Engineer and install LED Lighting and Lighting Controls, Commercial and Residential Window Films, Designer Films as well as Safety/Security and Specialty Films. Other Services include Graphic Designs, Digital Printing Services and installation of Architectural Finishes.

What People Say About Us

The Facility Manager, Ruben DeLeon of Toyota was in need to cut the heat coming through the windows in its high rise data center building. They were dissatisfied with the uncomfortable heat and glare coming through the glass that was not controlled by their blinds and shades. With the suggestions from Adec, Inc in Torrance Huper Optik Ceramic 30 window film was chosen because of the film’s unique ability to preserve views throughout the building, while maintaining beautiful panoramic landscapes around the city. The Huper Optik 30 cut the infrared rays (major cause of heat) by over 80 percent. Ruben now says, “I have no further complaints from the originally unhappy employees, the Ceramic film delivered a more comfortable environment and even temperature around the offices”.
Ruben DeLeon
Facility Manager
Jill Thomas want an unchanged appearance to her home, she wanted to enjoy the natural light and maintain the ocean view while reducing heat due to hot spots and distracting glare from her large windows. She also wanted to protect her furniture and hardwood floors from fading. The knowledgeable Estimator Kerry from Adec suggested Huper Optik 60 which rejects 43% of total solar energy and gives her 60% visible light transmission, giving the windows an unchanged appearance and allowing a clear view of the ocean. This smart nano-ceramic film also blocks over 99.9% of the ultraviolet light that causes fading. Jill was happy to say “I am more comfortable with the heat rejection provided by the Huper Optik Ceramic 60 window film. And I am surprised at the amount of glare that is reduced by using just a 60% film. My house still looks charming, all the while keeping my natural view.
Jill Thomas
Home Owner
Excellent customer service which is hard to come by these days, however, courteous, informative, patient, knowledgeable, friendly and thoughtful are just a few adjectives that come to my mind when I called Harry at ADEC. Steve Madson, Facilities Manager of American Honda Campus, requested his need to be able to turn lighting “on” when a person enters the controlled area and “off” when the area is vacated. I explained to achieve the best lighting control success, the occupancy sensors are capable of covering large areas and provide great energy savings. Increasing energy savings and user convenience. These features include built-in light level sensing, bi-level lighting control, isolated relays for HVAC and EMS interface, user choice of coverage pattern, digital time-delay and sensitivity controls, and many others. I am assured that the lighting design engineered by ADEC for my project will have future benefits we yet to see.
Steve Madson
Facility Manager

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