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Energy Savings Analysis:
Window Tinting and Energy Savings. The most energy-efficient businesses in America use about 30 percent less energy than their competitors. Finding smart ways to manage the energy you need to run your business can improve your profit margins increase funds available for development of new products and services, and enhance overall corporate value. Partnering with ADEC, Inc and 3M is a commitment to the financial value of your real estate portfolio as well as the environment. According to surveys conducted by the Department of Energy, lighting accounts for over 30% of the use of electricity in facilities similar to Your Building. Approximately 65% to 70% of electricity is being used by Central Plant,Computers, HVAC & other electrical loads.
Temperature Logger
Our Energy Saving Analysis
consist of a comprehensive energy saving study of your facility. Adec, Inc will work with your engineering staff, use your supplied building data, place heat sensing data loggers in certain areas of your facility, apply test film and show you the results at the end. It is not unusual that a project has a return on investment in less than 3 years. If energy saving rebates or tax credits are available in your area we will point them out  and help with the paperwork.

Fenestration analysis by  computer of Thermal Systems for Window Tint Films.  This energy savings program is based on calculations using equations for Average Day Solar Heat Gain and Thermal Transmission through glass taken from the 1989 ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals, ASHRAE Journal (February 1982) and information furnished by the user.
 Window Tinting and reliable testing: These tests are believed to be reliable, but the accuracy and completeness thereof is not and cannot be guaranteed.  The data reflects cooling and heating loads due to solar heat gains and conductive heat losses through the window area only, and does not take into account other design considerations such a heat gains or losses through roof and wall area, or heat contributed by other sources such as lights, personnel, or equipment.
 Demand Analyzer utilizes the U.S. Department of Energy's sophisticated DOE-2 building energy analysis software for estimating energy savings for building projects.  DOE­-2 is a whole-building analysis program that calculates energy use and operating cost for each hour of the year, using typical weather data for the selected location.  DOE-2 is widely used by consulting engineers for the design of energy-efficient buildings; by researchers for impact analysis of new heating, cooling and lighting technologies; and by state and federal agencies for developing energy-efficiency standards.  DOE­-2 is internationally recognized for the accuracy of its energy analysis algorithms as well as its ability to model a variety of buildings, HVAC systems and energy conservation measures.  Additional information about ITEM Systems and Demand Analyzer is available at and DOE-2 information can be found at
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According to the Department of Energy and Ashrae Standard 90 guidlines 53% of a buildings energy loss/usage is do to filtration of energy through glass.

Saving Money and the Environment: We at Adec,Inc believe that saving energy does more than just save money, our products mean less pollution and a healthier environment for the world. ADEC, Inc. provides the tools and know-how for ways to save money and energy without compromising your present comfort level.

Pollutant Facts:

According to The US Environmental Protection Agency, the early warning signs of global climate change have been reviewed and found accurate. An amendment to the Clean Air Act in 1990 forced a reduction in the emissions of the 'greenhouse' gases listed in the table below.  Stopping these chemical compounds from being released into the air will yield a cleaner, healthier atmosphere. By lowering electrical usage, these toxins are kept out of the air we breathe. Awareness of energy use and attention to ways we can conserve electricity are more important than ever. Increasing electrical efficiency is a practical and cost-effective action that will lower pollution and help stop global warming. When you install Window Films, you save a lot more than just money, you also helping to save the environment. When the demand for electricity is reduced, power companies burn less fossil fuel. Using your data of electrical consumption the table below shows the amount of pollutants generated
Electrical Usage/Year 500,000 Kwh
Annual Pounds Substance Comments
1740 SO2 Sulphur Dioxide - Associated with visible pollution (haze) and acid rain.
2900 NOx Oxides of Nitrogen - Created when nitrogen is burned as part of the combustion process, one of the main causes of ozone (smog), also associated with acid rain.
100 PM10 Particulate matter smaller then 10 microns - associated with lung ailments.
1000000 CO2 CO2, Carbon Dioxide, is a normal atmospheric component. However, increased levels are likely to cause future climate changes
60 VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds - One of the primary causes of ozone (smog), also some of the individual compounds are toxic
375000 Gallons Because power plants are typically only about 36 percent efficient, they throw off an enormous amount of waste heat. This is typically dissipated by evaporating water, making power plants rather large water consumers.

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