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Specialty Films
Window Film Products
Counter Intelligence Films (CI)
CI line of products reduce or eliminate the risk of eavesdropping and industrial espionage, blocks RF( cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth etc. signals from leaking out of the windows.
Prevent the use of laser microphones to listen and record voice data.
Prevent IR communication signals from beeing intercepted and analyzed for information.

3M CI Film Product Construction:
Product: CI 100B, EMI Film with Blast Protection
Installation:(important) Special installation procedures must be followed to assure intended result. Only certified companies like ADEC, Inc install's CI Films.
Material Safety Data Sheet:(MSDS)pdf.

Target Markets/Customers


  • US Government
  • Department of Defense – All Branches
  • Department of State
  • Homeland Security Department
  • Intelligence Community
  • Law Enforcement
  • FBI, Police
  • Foreign Governments
  • Commercial Accounts ( Sensitive Information)


NSA Certification

1 9 F ebru a ry 2 0 0 4
The Signals and Physical Sciences Security Center of the Information Assurance
Directorate has tested the film sample provided by Martin Padilla and labeled as
“C I FA –
Film Sample s 3M Corp .”
The results are attached.
The Radio Frequenc y (R F ) attenuation o f 3 5 dB from 30 M Hz to 1.5 GH z
exceeds the specification of 3 0 dB .
The Infra red ( IR ) attenuation was measured to be :
83 % at 800nm
94.6% at 900nm
97.3% at 1000nm
98.85%at 1300nm
99.26%at 1550nm .
This exceeds the specification of
80%at 800nm
90%at 900nm
94 %at 1000nm
97%at 1300nm
98% at 1550nm to 2300nm .
The Ultraviole t (U V ) attenuation was measured to be
68% at 400nm
93% at 375nm
This is acceptably close to the specification of
70% at wave lengths less than 400nm
90% at 375nm.
Note that UV performance in the field will be improved by the use of UV -absorbing
This film does meet the minimum security standard NSA has used for window
film protection . This standard is only a guideline used to assist Certified TEMPEST Test
Authoritie s (CTTA ) and other cognizant authorities in providing supplemental IR and RF
shielding . The use of films or glazings meeting this requirement is at the discretion of the
cognizant security authority who should take all relevant security factors into account.
NSA has no information on the anti- fragmentation properties of this film, which
should be provided by the manufacturer.

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