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Engineered Savings: Retrofitting your lighting is one thing but the amount of savings you will achieve is a whole other benefit. The retrofitting allows for the same amount or greater lighting without the cost of additional lights. The idea of retrofitting is to be more efficient without causing any discomfort or loss of light. By taking a step forward and changing from 4 bulbs to 2 bulbs you automatically reduce the energy usage by 50%. This is great but the down side is you also lose light coverage so that in it-self is not the answer. By harnessing the maximum amount of lumens a bulb gives out you can reduce the number of bulbs, reduce the cost and still keep the same intensity in any given area. If changing the look of your current fixture is not up for discussion than other methods can be introduced to achieve savings within your company energy consumption.
What Are The Benefits?: Not only does saving energy become a huge benefactor of retrofitting but that savings equals money and saving money has always been the bottom line. By retrofitting your grid you will
lessen the energy consumption by percentages that can qualify you for manufacture rebates as well as U.S. Federal Tax Credits that otherwise would not be available. Depending on your companies lighting energy usage and square feet you can have a payback of less than a year depending on usage and energy cost. At years end you could very well be looking at

a net gain in your investment of retrofitting aside from the monthly savings in your energy bill. It sounds too good to be true but we have seen it and done it for a number of years. With the combination of lighting and further energy efficiency products the savings become very obtainable and payback becomes quick and inevitable.
Think Green: Aside from the incredible savings
there is a humble and proactive purpose to
lowering your energy consumption; our environment. On average 15% of a companies energy usage is waste. This may seem like a small amount but when you add up the yearly waste in tonnage of pollution 15% is a huge savings and a huge help in reducing the carbon footprint that our daily business tend to cause. We can’t stop doing business, but we can be smart about it.We believe that saving energy does more than just save money. It means less pollution and a healthier environment for everyone. ADEC Inc provides you with ways to save money and energy without compromising your present comfort level.
We provide maximum tenant comfort combined with substantial energy savings. ADEC, Inc is an Lighting Systems of 3M Energy Control Products  ADEC markets and installs lighting system upgrade and services. We represent only top quality  products, such as: 3M's Energy Control Products, Leading Manufacturers'  Electronic Ballasts, Lamps and Components.

Paid from Savings Option: ADEC provides flexible terms and options for financing lighting upgrade and other energyconservation projects to meet the wide variety of financial requirements presented by our customers. Projects can be installed with no initial capital outlay and achieve an immediate positive cash flow through ADEC’s Paid-From-Savings option. After energy savings have been verified through on-site metering, a monthly payment is calculated that is less than monthly savings to achieve positive cash flow during the entire payment period (typically twenty-four to sixty months). The financing can be structured so that the first payment does not become due until thirty days after project completion and thirty days worth of savings have accrued to the facility. Therefore, all of the energy savings, maintenance savings, and improved light quality benefits associated with an ADEC lighting project can be realized without tapping capital budgets, and the project can improve the facility’s bottom line from day one.
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